About Us

St Peter’s Fulham exists as:

A gospel-centred community for the heart of Fulham and beyond

St. Peter’s is a welcoming, family-friendly, Church of England church situated in the heart of Fulham. We are a growing congregation of all ages, young and old, that is seeking to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the local community. We meet at 10:00am on Sundays for a family service and at 6:30pm for an informal service.

Our strap line describes the sort of church we aspire to be:
A gospel-centred community
Communities can be built around all sorts of interests and values that then shape and fashion how they function. The St. Peter’s church family is a community shaped and fashioned by the gospel – the good news of Jesus Christ. The gospel tells us that he came to our world to die for us so that we can be forgiven and be given a restored relationship with God. His self-sacrificial love is what we seek show to each other – living by the grace he has shown us.
For the heart of Fulham
Not only is St. Peter’s located in the heart of Fulham, we exist for the heart of Fulham. Many people in the local community know nothing of the love of God for them shown in Jesus. As worshippers and followers of Jesus we seek to be a lively and welcoming witness to his love as we share this good news to those around us.
And beyond
St. Peter’s is by no means unique as a church like this. We partner with other churches shaped by the gospel and sharing God’s love all across London and all over the world. God is the Creator and Saviour of the whole world and so our vision as a church goes way beyond Fulham – a local church with a global mission!